Mid-week bookings: cheaper and faster transfers

Mid-week might be the best time to plan a ski break. Here’s a list of benefits why you should consider midweek break:

  • Mid-week transfers are with discounted rates, you can save up to 20% and even more during peak season.
  • Airport luggage service is slower during weekend when many ski tourists are arriving.
  • Faster transfer: roads are less crowded on week days, avoid traffic jams during peak holiday times.
  • Empty ski tracks and shorter waiting time on queue lifts.
  • Cheaper flights.
  • During working days many hotels have special offers and packages.
  • On Saturdays you can expect long queues if you have a plan to buy something. Transfer companies can allow only short stops.

In case you are arriving very early or late in the evening you might be lucky and you will avoid traffic jams.